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Is traditional shopping outdated?

In Uncategorized on December 1, 2012 at 11:51 am

So as I was walking around my local town yesterday, I looked around and realised that not many of the younger generation or even the generation before me were actually shopping. Most of them were loitering or were getting food or just passing through. Now its 1st December, which means Christmas is looming and quickly approaching, so why is nobody shopping?

I personally realised that I do most of my shopping online, but when it comes to some things, I go buy them myself because its more personal that way. You get to look at things and pick something that your special person will like. Sure i’ve bought people books and games for Christmas, most of which i’ve bought online because I know what i’m expecting but those people who buy every single thing online, and even send christmas cards from funkypigeon? Are they mad? Nothing says personal like picking a card and getting it written and delivered for you ¬_____________¬

Eventually the youth of today will just do all their shopping online, get it delivered to their door and wont know the fun of actually going out and picking people presents. I take my little brother out to pick his presents for people because shopping around christmas is great. 

For example, yesterday, me & my boyfriend went out shopping, had a laugh at silly games and silly presents, walked around being all *cute* and then went for a coffee to warm up. Wheres the fun in that at home?

I think i’ll always be one to do part of my christmas shopping in the real world, just to keep the novelty there.


What about everyone else? Do you prefer shopping online for presents, whether it be birthday/christmas/easter etc or do you prefer the good old fashioned way?