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Is social media ruining socialising?

In Social media on December 4, 2012 at 12:51 am

A question that has cloued my mind for a while is, as above, whether social media is ruining socialising as we know it.

These days, the current generation don’t know what it’s like to send a letter to someone or have a penpal, they chat and catch up online instead of going out for a coffee to do this, and most of them hardly ever have a telephone conversation; its mainly done via text/whatsapp/bbm.

But why is this? I understand all this we’re in a digital revolution and it’s fantastic the technology that we have access to, but we’re human. Surely humans NEED human contact? I’m not surprised suicide rates are going up and we’re seeing kids all over the place killing themselves, I think i’d get pretty depressed and lonely if I had no real human contact. They may think their iPad and their smartphone are the best things since sliced bread, but without face-to-face communications, they just wont last! Sure this technology is wonderful, but whats better than hugging someone you’ve not seen for a while? Bumping into that school friend in the street, sending a letter to a penpal in a different town or even country?

My little brother, when I asked him about the idea of a penpal, said he thought it was stupid and asked why anyone would bother spending time and money on posting a letter when you could just “Facebook them”.

It’s insane! Soon they’re all going to become hermits who can learn and do everything from the push of a button – technology is a good thing but I can’t help but think it’s killing off the younger generation. They don’t play on the streets any more, they send each other Farmville invites!!!

The world has gone social networking crazy, and I for one refuse to fall in with the hype.