Deus X Cyberpunk – coming to a screen near you

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Okay so I’m not sure how many of the people that read my blog play/have played the Deus Ex games but I read today that two guys whos names I don’t remember as they’re not household ones, are making a Deus Ex movie – but the twist is they apparently aren’t making it like the games. To me thats just confusing. It’s like me saying HEY I’m turning Assassins Creed in to a movie, but its not going to be based on any of the games, it’s just having the same concept and ideas and characters and style … hmm. Makes no sense.

They’ve announced that it’s going to be a “cyberpunk” movie that takes parts of Deus Ex that they think people love and implements them using the stylings of District 9, Looper and Inception. Now thats all well and good, and I’ll probably still watch it, however surely if they’re going to just take parts from the games that they think people enjoy, why not use it all? Deus Ex has a massive fan base and I know, video game movies flop most of the time, but surely taking just parts of it will be even worse? Most hardcore fan boys/girls/etc will be cringing if they see parts of it mixed with new made up parts.. it will just shit all over Deus Ex.

I dunno maybe I’m looking at this all wrong, but if it was me I’d take all of the game and turn it in to a movie and risk it flopping rather than taking parts and risking it flopping harder because its half of what it should be..

I’m looking forward to its release because I’m hoping it will prove me wrong and be one of the best films I see next year, but I’m not holding out any hope.

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