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New beginnings

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So today I’m starting my first day at my new job and in all honesty I’m nervous as hell. All I’m thinking about is what if I screw up? I have so much riding on this, I was fired from my old job for handing in my notice of resignation and well, everything is riding on it. Its all up to me now more than usual because if I mess this up, I’ll be the only one to blame for my own demise.

I’ve even tried re-reading about the company and the products they offer and its not making me feel any less nervous. Im not sure how to make it go away other than just doing the job and doing it right.

What about everyone else – do you have any rituals for starting a new job? Do you have any coping mechanisms you think I could learn from?

I’d love to hear from you all.

In the mean time, new job ahoy! Over and out.

Deus X Cyberpunk – coming to a screen near you

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Okay so I’m not sure how many of the people that read my blog play/have played the Deus Ex games but I read today that two guys whos names I don’t remember as they’re not household ones, are making a Deus Ex movie – but the twist is they apparently aren’t making it like the games. To me thats just confusing. It’s like me saying HEY I’m turning Assassins Creed in to a movie, but its not going to be based on any of the games, it’s just having the same concept and ideas and characters and style … hmm. Makes no sense.

They’ve announced that it’s going to be a “cyberpunk” movie that takes parts of Deus Ex that they think people love and implements them using the stylings of District 9, Looper and Inception. Now thats all well and good, and I’ll probably still watch it, however surely if they’re going to just take parts from the games that they think people enjoy, why not use it all? Deus Ex has a massive fan base and I know, video game movies flop most of the time, but surely taking just parts of it will be even worse? Most hardcore fan boys/girls/etc will be cringing if they see parts of it mixed with new made up parts.. it will just shit all over Deus Ex.

I dunno maybe I’m looking at this all wrong, but if it was me I’d take all of the game and turn it in to a movie and risk it flopping rather than taking parts and risking it flopping harder because its half of what it should be..

I’m looking forward to its release because I’m hoping it will prove me wrong and be one of the best films I see next year, but I’m not holding out any hope.

Hello I’m Lucy and I’m an addict..

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Hello I’m Lucy and I’m an indie game addict. It all started watching the yogscast sjin play prison architect and simon and lewis playing I get this call every day.

After seeing these I decided it would be a good idea to go have a peek at the greenlight section of steam since I hadn’t looked at it for a while and I ended up somehow getting from there to a different platform called Desura, basically like steam but more indie-focused.

Now, the reason I’m posting this is I wanna know if anyone else is as heavily addicted to indie games as me? Im starting to record my playthroughs and I’m gonna put them on here and YouTube. I don’t get why they are so addictive?! Some of the ones I play aren’t even good!

So to all avid gamers out there, check out http://WWW.desura.com and let me know if you play any of the games (many of them free) as I’m always looking for new things to play!

Damned if I do ya..

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Okay so, rather than write you a review on Aliens/Far Cry 3/Crysis 3 or any other of the fab titles that were released this year, I’ve started a game that was released back in 2011 and probably wasn’t even hyped up at the time. It’s called Shadows of the Damned. Image

The story focuses around the guy on the cover art, Garcia, who is a Demon Hunter. He comes home one day and finds his girlfriend Paula (Angel as he so likes to call her) being abducted by Fleming, the Lord of the Demons. Basically long story short, Garcia follows Fleming back to the underworld with his sidekick Johnson who is pretty much a severed head that turns in to a gun and a motorcycle and a torch. He has to fight demons to save his precious girlfriend blah blah blah..

Now before you start, I got this game for a fiver from Blockbuster in their 4 for £20 game deal. Saw the cover, thought “cool” and decided to give it a whirl. It’s been sat gathering dust on my shelf for about 6 months now so I felt that now was the time to play it.

I must say, I’m only on the 2nd chapter (which is one of the longest) but I’m enjoying it. Theres lots of little jokes and quips that make you chuckle and take it away from being your typical “OMG LOOK DEMONS AND I HAVE NO AMMO WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? *CUE CUTSCENE” – There still are cutscenes but the main character isn’t a whiney little bitch like most main characters in demon games. Image

So far I have two guns, one named the Boner (lol.) and a shotgun whos name I don’t remember and I’m collecting Red Gems (upgrades) and White Gems (to spend on alcohol that heals you). All in all so far it’s a pretty good game. It’s nice for me to take a step back from all the franchises hogging the current market and play an older game that doesn’t have the influence of Halo/CoD/Battlefield/Forza/etc. and if I’m honest Shadows of the Damned is one of the first games i’ve played without reading a review for – which I’m not sure is a good or bad thing, but I love it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap time killer.

Oh and another thing that is awesome?! The gates are guarded by newborn baby heads that are freakishly ugly. How do you get the gates open, you might ask? Each baby asks for a different treat in order to let you pass. For example strawberries, brains.. yeah, messed up, but very cool when you take a step back and think – i’m trying to find a human brain for a dismembered baby head guarding a gate – what fun!Image

I’m looking forward to getting further in to this game, and I’m actually interested to see how the story progresses. So from me its a solid 7/10 and I would recommend it to anyone (except my little brother – he only likes shooty war games)

I’m back (with a vengeance)

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Okay maybe not with a vengeance, but i’m back nonetheless.


One of my new years resolutions was to blog more, and i’ve had a few months to sort out some issues in my life and also had some time off making YouTube videos but i’ve finally sorted myself out, i’m happy and i’m ready to get back in to the blogging world. 

I’ve decided to blog more about gaming and tv shows and films more than just rants, but i’ll be ranting too, as I just can’t help myself 😛

So yes, welcome back me, and it is my birthday on Sunday 😀 so expect some hilarious hungover posts.