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The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

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Anyone who’s in to mystery and solving mysteries, I would definitely recommend getting this game. I recently rented it from LoveFilm and honestly, it’s been hard to turn it off.

I think I’m around 10mins off completing it, or at least it seems like it, but it’s so intense. I have taken it way too seriously and I swear I thought, at some points, that I was a real detective.


I know I’m a saddo but seriously, this is an amazing game. I just hope the other Sherlock game for the xbox is as good!

Quick thoughts.

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Why do people let people down? Why do they ignore them and make them feel unwanted? Why do they make them feel useless and worthless? Why do they make false promises and even more false accusations?

The human race is a disgusting thing and unfortunately I for one am not proud to be a part of it.

Sick of getting treat like absolute shite. I think I need to rethink my priori

Is social media ruining socialising?

In Social media on December 4, 2012 at 12:51 am

A question that has cloued my mind for a while is, as above, whether social media is ruining socialising as we know it.

These days, the current generation don’t know what it’s like to send a letter to someone or have a penpal, they chat and catch up online instead of going out for a coffee to do this, and most of them hardly ever have a telephone conversation; its mainly done via text/whatsapp/bbm.

But why is this? I understand all this we’re in a digital revolution and it’s fantastic the technology that we have access to, but we’re human. Surely humans NEED human contact? I’m not surprised suicide rates are going up and we’re seeing kids all over the place killing themselves, I think i’d get pretty depressed and lonely if I had no real human contact. They may think their iPad and their smartphone are the best things since sliced bread, but without face-to-face communications, they just wont last! Sure this technology is wonderful, but whats better than hugging someone you’ve not seen for a while? Bumping into that school friend in the street, sending a letter to a penpal in a different town or even country?

My little brother, when I asked him about the idea of a penpal, said he thought it was stupid and asked why anyone would bother spending time and money on posting a letter when you could just “Facebook them”.

It’s insane! Soon they’re all going to become hermits who can learn and do everything from the push of a button – technology is a good thing but I can’t help but think it’s killing off the younger generation. They don’t play on the streets any more, they send each other Farmville invites!!!

The world has gone social networking crazy, and I for one refuse to fall in with the hype.

What’s in my bag?

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I’m not sure why I did this, but whatever. I’m a weirdo.

Has reading become a trend?

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So back when I was in school, I was a “nerd” because I enjoyed reading and could read a book a day if I put my mind to it. I was always the one that got laughed at and sniggered at because I enjoyed reading the books for our English coursework, and would do my coursework as soon as we got it, but I can’t help but think that that’s all changed now.

I, of course, own a Kindle and for someone who is really in to reading – it is my pride and joy. I currently have over 1000 books on it, and although most people are like “oh my god how can you read all them” believe me I can. I have a lot of Dr. Who books and all the halo books along with many more and I take it everywhere with me, at all times. My mother also has one, my Auntie is getting one for her birthday and my little brother got one when I got mine, which was last Christmas.

But every where I go I see people who are similar in looks to those who use to “bully” me in school about my reading addiction USING Kindles. They are advertised and marketed everywhere, along with knock-off versions Kobo, Nook etc. Has reading become a trend? Is it FASHIONABLE to have some form of reading device on you at all times? I can’t help but think that most of these people are doing it just to have the up-to-date gadgets or be in with the crowd, rather than to read? Maybe I’m wrong and I’m misjudging, I just can’t help but feel this way.

Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against people who genuinely want to read because as I said, I’m one of them, but people really, are you really going to carry your Kindle round to look fashionable?

My Kindle is my favourite piece of technology that I own, and believe me I own a lot, so to think that people buy them and not use them properly upsets me, but I guess thats because of my passion for reading.

Currently reading; Fry: A memoir obviously by the one and only Stephen Fry. I’m around 30% in to it, and I love it!

If anyone has any book recommendations, please feel free to drop them below.

Have I developed a bad habit?

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Okay so thanks to Chris Pirillo, to those of you who know who he is, I have begun collecting minifigs. Now I’m nowhere near as bad as him just yet, however I soon fear that I will be.


I have 3 Mega bloks Halo minifigs atm, and I’m currently trawling the internet and my friends lists on various social media outlets looking for anyone ANYWHERE that may be selling minifigs. I don’t even have a reason or a goal i’m trying to achieve, I just love them.

Does any one else have something they collect, if so what? I think I need to feel better about my minifig addiction! 

My games

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My games

So here is my current, and ever expanding, xbox game collection.

Is traditional shopping outdated?

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So as I was walking around my local town yesterday, I looked around and realised that not many of the younger generation or even the generation before me were actually shopping. Most of them were loitering or were getting food or just passing through. Now its 1st December, which means Christmas is looming and quickly approaching, so why is nobody shopping?

I personally realised that I do most of my shopping online, but when it comes to some things, I go buy them myself because its more personal that way. You get to look at things and pick something that your special person will like. Sure i’ve bought people books and games for Christmas, most of which i’ve bought online because I know what i’m expecting but those people who buy every single thing online, and even send christmas cards from funkypigeon? Are they mad? Nothing says personal like picking a card and getting it written and delivered for you ¬_____________¬

Eventually the youth of today will just do all their shopping online, get it delivered to their door and wont know the fun of actually going out and picking people presents. I take my little brother out to pick his presents for people because shopping around christmas is great. 

For example, yesterday, me & my boyfriend went out shopping, had a laugh at silly games and silly presents, walked around being all *cute* and then went for a coffee to warm up. Wheres the fun in that at home?

I think i’ll always be one to do part of my christmas shopping in the real world, just to keep the novelty there.


What about everyone else? Do you prefer shopping online for presents, whether it be birthday/christmas/easter etc or do you prefer the good old fashioned way?